Full Stack Fest 2019 conference in Spain

Hey, it's me again! Today is a bit chilled stuff to read.

Last year, in September I completed my first intercontinental flight and attended to the Reactathon 2018 React Conference in San Francisco.

However, this year I decided to do something different. I don't feel like flying a long-distance and selected Spain as my conference destination.


Route: Berlin - Barcelona-El Prat

Travel time:

  • one-way flight: ~2h 45 mins
  • bus transfer to Sitges: ~30 mins

Conference ticket price:

I bought Super Early Bird which cost €545 + €114.45 that's 21% Spanish VAT which is crazy 😜

Total: €659.45

I have to admit that's the most expensive conference I've ever been to.

What is Full Stack Fest 2019?

A 3-day, single-track conference with a workshops day about topics ranging from GraphQL, WebAssembly, the JAMStack & Progressive User Interfaces to HTTP/3, Automation Testing, Serverless, and the P2P web.

No matter if you consider yourself a backend, frontend developer, or anywhere in-between, Full Stack Fest is for you.

Which is taking place each year in Sitges. That's about 30 mins ride from Barcelona 🏖

🌴 Arrival 🌴

Arrival was pretty smooth despite the early morning. The Barcelona-El Prat is a huge airport with a bit confusing connection between two terminals. You can get from 1 to 2 and vice-versa only by bus.

Barcelona greets you with a ray of warm sunshine and palm trees.

Day before the conference

I arrived one day before the conference and walked around the city.

Random fact: I didn't know before that Sitges is a very popular gay 🏳️‍🌈destination.

It is a beautiful resort town with lots of sun and a lovely atmosphere.

Conference opening and overview

The venue was part of Hotel Melià specifically dedicated to us. Hotel Melià is located closer to the Port of Sitges but I stayed in the city center. So, I had a nice 10-15 mins walk along the coast in the morning before the conference starts.

There were around ~500 participants. Huge thanks to organizers for managing all of that. Lite breakfast with coffee, lunch and multiple breaks over the day was included. That helps a lot to focus on the conference talks and socializing.

Not surprised that there were a lot of people from Berlin.


Pretty much all the talks were interesting for me so I took notes and learned something new. I liked talks on Accessibility, Rust, WebAssembly with WASI, Agda programming language, CSS tips and tricks, glimpse into HTTP/3 and TC39 JavaScript standards, GitHub Actions, future of Serverless.

In particular, I can highlight:

Thanks for this CSS trick

  • (Programming Languages) in Agda = Programming (Languages in Agda) by PHILIP WADLER

  • Bringing WebAssembly outside the web with WASI by LIN CLARK

  • Why p2p deserves another chance by PAUL FRAZEE

  • Your Tests Lack Vision: Adding Eyes to Your Automation Framework by ANGIE JONES

Some perks


Full Stack Fest 2019 is a great conference in a very pleasurable place. I would definitely recommend visiting it at least once (this is not a sponsored post, it's just my opinion). I like the place, organization is top, venue, quality of talks and interesting presenters.

More than that, you can combine this trip and stay a few days in Barcelona over the weekend.

From a technical perspective, it was interesting for me as a Frontend Developer. Although, if you're doing only backend or DevOps that probably would not be that much interesting to you. They tried to balance talks, but still, I feel like it was a lot of frontend related stuff.

The only concern I had that it is a bit expensive but it is definitely worth it.

Watch videos from the FSF 2019

All the talks were recorded and you can find them here on sponsors page or directly on YouTube Full Stack Fest 2019 playlist.

Thank you 🙂Until next time!