Supporting refugees in Berlin


When I first landed in Berlin, in 2015, there was a so-called "refugees crisis" going on. There was only one Ausländerbehörde (foreigners registration office) on Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24 in Berlin at that time and all of us was standing in the same queue no mater for what reason. It was a mess, authorities can't handle so many people. Later on, Germany accepted over 1 million refugees.

I was shocked.

It was full of refugees, they all knew each other, someone waved and got ahead of me in the queue joining their friends. Some people wanted to get without standing in the queue, someone pushed me in the shoulder while moving ahead.

But I wasn't mad because of this, seeing how many people had to leave their home because of war. I thought to myself "How can I help?" those people. I was in a situation when I also needed help. I was fresh in a new country, without the language, having a bed in a 6-Bed Dormitory room, got robbed and attacked two times. I was pretty much like these people despite coming for work to the country. No one helped me. I through that this is wrong. Of course, no one obligated to help but if no one helps these people this is simply wrong.

In the meantime, the war in Eastern Ukraine, see War in Donbass also proceed to the active stage, so I feel these people very well.

Since then I was thinking of the ways I can support refugees, be it by teaching how to code or any other form of help with integration or support with contributions.

Supporting refugees in Berlin with Moabit Hilft

At Signavio each month we are collecting different items (toothbrushes, cloth, donations) for Moabit Hilft which helps refugees directly. It is a convenient way for me to help and make contributions. If you also want to support please check their website. Helping others makes me feel good and happy. We have the power to make the world a better place :)