💻 Hacktoberfest challenge 2019

October is a perfect month for me to contribute to Open Source Software because of Hacktoberfest. Hacktoberfest 2019 is a great initiative for new and experienced developers to explore, learn and contribute to the OSS.

If you're wondering which mail client I'm using - it's Airmail

Congratulations on submitting four (or more) pull requests and contributing to open source projects this month.

Feels good! Last time I've completed Hacktoberfest was in 2017 and received a nice T-shirt from Digital Ocean - btw, get a $50 credit if you register using my link.

The Original - DigitalOcean/Dev.to - Hacktoberfest 2019

Swag: T-shirt, stickers

Requirements: 4 pull requests in any repository

How to sign up: Hacktoberfest Website

Notes: All PRs count unless the repo has been marked spam, or the PR is marked as spam or invalid.


This year I've contributed to the semantic-release package. Fully automated version management and package publishing.

semantic-release is a great way to do pain-free automatic releases. I use it to automatically release our React UI components library which is a part of the Design System. It uses specific commit messages conventions, like fix, feat, chore, docs and based on those commits it will figure out version bump and create your changelog automatically. Trust me, you'll love it! Just try for your library.


  • familiarize yourself with the source code, rules and the repo you're going to contribute to.
  • navigate to the GitHub issues in that repo and look for labels like: help wanted, good first issue or hackocoberfest.
  • start with something small - that could be even some docs improvements.
  • read the contributors guidelines carefully.

💻Happy codding!

Hacktoberfest pack delivered