Visual Studio Code (VSCode) extensions that I use daily

I've been using different IDE and text editors during my career as a Software Developer and that's definitely topic for another blog post but in today's article, I want to talk about VSCode extensions which I found helpful.

Must have VSCode extensions

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Code Spell Checker

Package name: streetsidesoftware.code-spell-checker

Author: Street Side Software

I think everyone would agree that spending time fixing typos is not what we want to do as developers. That’s where Code Spell Checker comes in place. It highlights typos directly in your IDE and offers suggestions for fixes. Also, you can ignore in your settings some words which it can't recognize:

"cSpell.ignoreWords": [

Flow Language Support

Package name: flowtype.flow-for-vscode

Author: flowtype

Really helpful for React application with Flow to enforce Flow types. This extension helps to utilize full power on Flow, similar to ESLint it will highlight type errors in red. Also, I found this extension more suitable for bit projects than (vscode-flow-ide gcazaciuc.vscode-flow-ide) this extension was dramatically slowing down my IDE almost to the level when I can't type anymore.


Package name: dbaeumer.vscode-eslint

Author: Dirk Baeumer

Integrates ESLint into VS Code. If you are new to ESLint check the documentation.

Must have when linting your projects. For example, it will highlight unused variables and imports. Also, it will pick up your ESLint config and enforce rules that you configured.

JavaScript (ES6) code snippets

Package name: xabikos.javascriptsnippets

Author: Charalampos Karypidis

Code snippets for JavaScript in ES6 syntax

I rarely use this for ES6 snippets. For example: quickly define a new class-based component for React. In general, I prefer custom snippets.

Material Icon Theme

Package name: pkief.material-icon-theme

Author: Philipp Kief

Rather a visual one. Makes it better to differentiate files by providing beautiful icons.

Prettier - Code formatter

Package name: esbenp.prettier-vscode

Author: Esben Petersen

VS Code package to format your JavaScript / TypeScript / CSS using Prettier

Formats your code on saving following pre-defined rules so you do not need to care about formatting issues anymore. Coding style is unified within a team and enforced by Prettier


Package name: wallabyjs.quokka-vscode

Author: Wallaby.js

Live Scratchpad for JavaScript.

JavaScript playground. If you want to draft some solution to a problem or verify some idea you can code it in this interactive environment right in your IDE. It also supports imports from different libs (for example lodash).